Class Descriptions


Experiential English is a dynamic course that involves students in the local community and utilizes the shared experience to improve English in the four skill areas: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

There are no textbooks. All class materials are generated from student discussions and writings.  Students create their own learning resource with documents developed through class activities.

Instruction is customized to the students’ needs based directly on data gathered in class.

This unique curriculum addresses important language issues efficiently while providing a wealth of background knowledge and building community connections.

Converse. Connect. Reflect.

Class size: 4-8

Level: multi-level

Conversation Workshop gives learners of English an opportunity to practice their conversational skills in a diverse and supportive group of native and non-native speakers of English. Students will improve listening skills and pronunciation as well as learn and share cultural information. Vocabulary building, listening comprehension and verbal skills are key components to this course.

Feedback on pronunciation, syntax and semantics are given each class. Participants are provided with online resources and skill-building activities to work on at home.

Topics are chosen based on the interests of participants.

Class size: 4-8

Level: multi-level

Classroom location is handicap accessible.  We make sure that field excursions are scheduled with class mobility in mind.