News for the New Year!

The English Experience Language School (EELS) will now be offering a new format for learning and practicing language: Excursions in English.

Excursions in English are one day or half-day visits to local areas of interest. Excursions include transportation, pre-visit online resources and materials, pre- and post- verbal knowledge building and reflection, authentic language practice with support, and online review and editing of written reflection.

Our first excursion (field trip) will be on Monday, January 8, 2018 – WOMEN ONLY

Our destination will be Birthwise Midwifery School


Birthwise Midwifery School is a three-year school founded in Bridgton, Maine in 1994. Built on the principles of female empowerment, natural birth, and skilled professionalism, it offers one of the first comprehensive training programs for direct-entry midwives in the United States.

This Excursion in English will include:

  • a list of vocabulary related to the topic
  • a list of informative websites
  • a tour of the facilities at the school
  • an informational lecture about midwifery, the school, the enrollment process
  • Pre- and Post- verbal question and answer sessions
  • online review and editing of written reflection

Note taking is encouraged for academic practice and post-visit written reflection. The written reflection is not mandatory, but is encouraged for a full language learning experience. All written reflections will be reviewed and edited online within one week of the submission.

There are 2 spaces available for this learning experience. Women interested in nursing or the medical field, especially maternity (motherhood) and neo-natal (newborn) care are encouraged to apply. Contact

Round trip transportation from Portland will be provided by EELS.

Date: Monday, January 8, 2018

Time: 9:00AM – 1:00PM

Bring a notebook and pencil and lunch or snacks. 🙂

Happy New Year!


Payment Options at EELS — The English Experience Language School

Being accessible to all learners is a priority at The English Experience Language School. We are always developing new ways to structure pricing so that all income levels can be accommodated. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are unable to meet the tuition requirements. Volunteer for price-reduction or other price-reductions can be explored. […]

via Payment Options at EELS — The English Experience Language School

Payment Options at EELS

Being accessible to all learners is a  priority at The English Experience Language School. We are always developing new ways to structure pricing so that all income levels can be accommodated. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are unable to meet the tuition requirements. Volunteer for price-reduction or other price-reductions can be explored. Installment plans are available.

Early Registration Payment must be made in full  2 weeks prior to class start date. Cannot be combined with other offers 20%
Friend 2 Friend Register with a friend or family member and each receives 10% off class price 20%


10% x 2

Military Discount All current and former members of the US armed forces 20%


EELS Summer Session Starts Soon

The weather is getting better and people are starting to come out of hibernation and enjoying their surroundings a little more. One great way to do that is to join one of our unique English language courses designed to put classroom lessons into practice in the community. Learn about what Portland has to offer while improving the skills that will help you make the most of it. Starting May 15th, the English Experience Language School (EELS) will be offering evening and afternoon 3 and 6 week sessions through the summer and into fall.

In our 6-week Experiential English course you will learn about and participate in activities and resources in the local community while putting classroom lessons into practice. It’s a fun approach to building vocabulary, learning grammar rules, and practicing speaking and listening!

Our Conversation Workshop is a discussion-based class that focuses on pronunciation and conversation skills.  Each 3-week session participants practice speaking and listening with native and non-native speakers of English while discussing a new topic from a variety of perspectives.

Check out our summer schedule and pricing page for more information.

We are happy to offer a 20% discount for payments made in full by the end of the day May 5th (or 2 weeks prior to future sessions). Other discounts can be viewed on our website.

Call now (207)671-7771 or come in to register: 795 Congress Street, M-Th 9:00-2:00, F 9-5

Message us here  to request a registration form via email or for other inquiries.

We hope to talk with you this summer!

Definition of hibernate

  1. 1:  to pass the winter in a torpid or resting state, ex.) bears hibernating in their dens

  2. 2:  to be or become inactive or dormant, ex.) let the computer hibernate

Definition of surroundings

  1. :  the circumstances, conditions, or objects by which one is surrounded :  environment, ex.)  We relaxed and forgot our worries for a while in the plush surroundings of the hotel

Listen to pronunciations, find more definitions and translations in the Merriam-Webster online dictionary.

EELS on the air: a tour of WMPG!

Today the English Experience Language School visited WMPG 90.9FM, southern Maine’s community radio station located at the Portland campus of the University of Southern Maine. We met passionate and informative station manager, Jessica Lockhart. She graciously gave us a complete tour of the station, including the opportunity to sit in the studio and listen to a live broadcast of the country music show, Wheeeeeedoggies with DJ Dale!


Jessica demonstrated how to use equipment and showed us their immense music collection which includes a huge “old-school” vinyl record collection in the basement.


She also answered all our questions very thoroughly including these and many more:

When did WMPG start?

WMPG started over 40 years ago as a pirate radio station in a student’s dorm room on the Gorham campus! It became so popular with the other students that the university decided to apply for a license with the FCC (Federal Communication Commission) to become a legal radio station.

How does WMPG fund its programs?

All of its funding comes from individual donations, grants, and underwriting by local businesses. It has lower costs because it is staffed by dedicated and passionate volunteers.

How can we get involved?

Diversity is an important mission of the station. This is reflected in the range of programming; from a bilingual Chinese music program to a talk show for and by local teenagers about issues that matter to them and to an old time country music show and many more. To ensure this diversity, WMPG provides free training to anyone in the community with interest.

Contact EELS for information about the opportunity to participate in a SPECIAL volunteer DJ training at WMPG this JUNE!!

A great big thanks to Jessica for sharing your time and your knowledge with us!


On-the-air [idiom] broadcasting; transmitting radio or television.

Pirate radio is the transmission of communications over radiowaves by unlicensed amateurs; such broadcasts are illegal because they are not in accordance with FCC transmission requirements. Originally, radio was generally a lawless free-for-all and the domain of hobbyists and enthusiast experimenters.

Old-school [idiom] adhering to traditional policies or practices or characteristic or evocative of an earlier or original style, manner, or form.



Tool Talk!

This evening we visited another great community resource: The Maine Tool Library.

Jake, our tour guide and volunteer at the all-volunteer run organization in Portland, was welcoming and informative. We were impressed with the inventory of tools as well as the potential opportunities they hold.

Maine Tool student.jpg

The availability of tools to borrow for household needs or craft projects is handy and economical for those of us with limited space and/or only occasional need for tools such as jigsaws, routers, or electric sanders, axes, a multitude of hand tools among many others.

From the perspective of an experiential English language teacher, the opportunities for engagement in authentic social discourse and involvement in the community are incredible. In addition to being able to access tools that had to be left behind upon emigrating from their country, new community members can also be trained as volunteers to either help borrowers or maintain tools.

Volunteers receive free membership and are afforded many opportunities to practice the language with native speakers while learning contextual vocabulary, improving skills, and making connections.

Some contextual vocabulary that we learned:

Router- /ˈraʊtɚ/ :a machine used for cutting a groove into the surface of wood or metal

/ˈruːtɚ/ /ˈraʊtɚ/ technical : a device that sends data from one place to another within a computer network or between computer networks
[count: a machine that has a narrow blade for cutting curved lines in thin pieces of wood, metal, plastic, etc.
parts_of_jigsaw (1)

“The job of the teacher is to insult the student.” ~ Chogyam Trungpa

Don’t worry! We are always respectful of one another at The English Experience Language School. I purposely applied this quote, by Buddhist meditation master teacher, Chogyam Trungpa, to a very different context. The concept of “insulting one’s ego,  in other words, awakening one’s awareness”  for teaching spiritual development is not so different from our approach to teaching pronunciation.

One must first be aware before one can change.

Find out what it’s all about.

Six week summer sessions starting in May!

We promise to be nice. 😊