About the School

The English Experience Language School (EELS) offers small private classes that address individual learning needs in the 4 skills of language: reading, writing, listening, and speaking, while connecting the whole class through a shared experience in the community. Classes are based in the Language Experience Approach to teaching languages with elements of Communicative Learning and the Participatory method. All EELS courses engage participants in social discourse as a method of acquiring language and fostering social and cultural awareness and connection. The school endeavors to help learners improve their language skills while providing authenticity and autonomy in learning.  EELS programs focus on individual learning needs. No textbooks are required because the learning resources are developed through class discussions and individual assessments.  Increasing students’ ability to teach themselves by learning and accessing resources online and within the local community is a significant part of the program. Students are encouraged to use and share their individual knowledge to help each other progress to their next level of English proficiency. Curiosity, motivation, and an open-mind are pre-requisites for all our classes.